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About Us

Closed joint-stock company City bureau of appraisal was registered on August 14, 1997; Principle State Registration Number (PSRN) 1027739173670 dated September 11, 2002.

Closed joint-stock company City bureau of appraisal has a license of the Federal Security Service of Russia for conducting of trade in Moscow and Moscow region which deal with use of National Security Information.

At the present day, according to information of the rating agency Expert-Ra, City bureau of appraisal is in TOP-40 of the biggest appraisal companies in Russia. During 13 years of work the corporate employees made several thousands of successful projects for banks, investment companies, production holdings, state organizations and commercial enterprises.

Closed joint-stock company City bureau of appraisal has a onformity certificate in appraisal activity of immovable property and business which was issued by Russian society of appraisers (RSA); the company is also a member of non-commercial partnership Partnership of appraisal companies' assistance, certified by Russian society of appraisers.

Closed joint-stock company City bureau of appraisal is certified by Moscow city administration for appraising of state and municipal property in Moscow city for property ownership or setting-off for state and municipal needs. (Accreditation certificate, serial number 024).

According to the present legislation in appraisal activity, City bureau of appraisal and appraisers of the company are certified by self-regulated organization of appraisers All-Russia social organization Russian society of appraisers (RSA) and are included in the registry of appraisers and appraisal firms RSA. The company is certified by European group of appraisers (TEGOVA) that allows to appraise both Russian and external assets for reflection of its fair value according to international financial reporting standard and carrying out of IPO.

Professional appraisal activity is held covered by the joint stock company AlfaStrakhovanie, the sum of insurance recovery makes 200 000 000 RUR.

Full list of services which the company provides is shown in Services.

Daughter Company of Closed joint - stock company City bureau of appraisal is City bureau of technical expertise which provides the following services:

  • Constructional expertise,
  • Technical investigation of constructions and buildings,
  • Control of constructing quality and quality of repair works,
  • Preparation and economical analysis of cost account and projects.
The company accreditations in moneyed corporations:
  • Sberbank RF JSC
  • Gasprombank JSC
  • Closed joint-stock company Raiffaisenbank Austria
  • Swedbank JSC
  • OTP-Bank JSC
  • Commercial bank Bank of high technology
  • Bank RFT JSC
  • NOTA-Bank JSC
  • Closed joint-stock company Gasenergoprombank
  • Russian department of Natixis Banque Populaire
  • Banca Intesa
  • Stroykredit JSK>
  • Closed joint-stock company UniKreditBank

Closed joint-stock company City bureau of appraisal is a participant of many tenders for selection of appraising companies. During 2005-first part of 2006 City bureau of appraisal CJSC became a winner of many tenders, which were carried out by such companies as: Gasprom JSC, Property department of Moscow city, Russian fund of federal property, MPSK JSC, Lukoil JSC.

Clients of the company:

  • Auto holding MAJOR
  • Closed joint-stock company Moscow McDonalds
  • Cereal company Nastusha
  • Group of investfunds AG CAPITAL
  • PepsiCo Holdings LLC
  • Investment Company VELES Capital
  • GC Russkoye zerno
  • Closed joint-stock company Legion Development
  • Brazes and Company
  • Belon JSC
  • Group of companies Kaskad
  • CC Nastusha
  • Biotech JSC
  • Faberlik JSC
  • Proteck JSC
  • Retal JSC

Our company has a permanent representative office in Saint-Petersburg. The leader of the office Oleg Viktorovich Agafonov.

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