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Городское бюро технической экспертизы


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Appraisal activity

Experts of Closed joint-stock company “City bureau of appraisal” provide services in business appraisement, investment projects, immovable property, including land lots, buildings, constructions, apartments, not finished constructing, factories, equipment and transport, assets and shares, non material assets and intellectual property.

  • Appraisement of assets (business);
  • Appraisement of all types of real estate, including land lots, inhabited and commercial real estate;
  • Appraisement of cars and equipment;
  • Appraisement of rights, obligations, debts;
  • Appraisement of non material assets;
  • Appraisement of different assets within the frameworks of investment projects;
  • Appraisement of Russian and foreign assets for IPO, IFRS.

Do not appraise – gold, weapon and jewelry!

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