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Real estate management

For the last years the significant amount of commercial and inhabited real estate has been got in the investment purposes (to receive an income from its renting and to increase a project value in the market). Unfortunately, owners of such assets not always possess necessary knowledge for its efficient control and sometimes have no time on it.

The complex of services in management of objects of real estate is urged to provide our clients with the greatest profitableness from the objects operating and to increase its value in the process of exploitation. For achievement of these purposes experts of our company:

  • Define most effective utilization of the objects;
  • Make technical expertise of the objects (in particular, possibility of areas increase at the expense of superstructures or erection of overlapping is defined);
  • Develop of the development concept of the object for the purpose of its positioning within the limits of the chosen direction of development, prove its profitable characteristics;
  • Select of a leaseholder and delivery of premises in rent, to provide control of rent payments receipt;
  • Carry out a periodic monitoring of the project cost;
  • Prepare the budget of incomes and management expenses and the object utilization;
  • Provide comfortable working conditions of tenants on the object;
  • Supervise work of operational and economic services;
  • Conduct the payout control for purchase of expendable materials, make on a competitive basis a choice of the contractors rendering specialized works and services;
  • Prepare and give reports to Client about done.

Experts of the company will consult you with pleasure on all questions connected with services of the given section.

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