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Городское бюро технической экспертизы


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CJSC «City bureau of appraisal» with its daughter structures renders the following service:

1. Appraisement

  • Appraisement of assets (business);
  • Appraisement of all types of real estate, including land lots, inhabited and commercial real estate;
  • Appraisement of cars and equipment;
  • Appraisement of rights, obligations, debts;
  • Appraisement of non material assets;
  • Appraisement of different assets within the frameworks of investment projects;
  • Appraisement of Russian and foreign assets for IPO, IFRS.

2. Technical expertise

  • Constructing expertise,
  • Technical inspection of buildings,
  • Constructing and repair quality assurance,
  • Preparation and economic analysis of estimates and projects.

3. Business planning

  • Preparation and expertise of business plans,
  • Preparation of investment memorandums,
  • Preparation of techno-economic justification (TEJ)

4. Real estate management

  • Real estate management (inhabited, commercial)
  • Consulting, working out of recommendations
  • Re-structuring of objects according to the best use
  • Optimization of business processes

5. Management consulting

  • Management efficiency increase
  • Income maximization at assets use
  • Monitoring of assets cost change
  • Marketing researches
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